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Scar / Wound Care

Surgery / Scar tissue Healing

Surgery can be painful before and after. Having PT intervention will help facilitate healing, improve comfort, reduce edema and scarring.

  • Reduce pain and stiffness- a pro-active approach to get back on your feet faster with our exercise program and therapeutic treatment
  • Scar Tissue Management - reduce scarring and inflammation
  • Adominal and pelvic surgeries can create adhesions and referred pain, and affect urine and bowel flows
  • Come in to get treatment to help regulate your body functions.

Wound care

We are wound care specialists treating a wide variety of wounds and circulatory problems. We use a variety of treatment techniques to help improve circulation, improve movement and healing. We also recommend paddings and positioning devices to help facilitate healing.

  • Cardiovascular wounds
  • Diabetic wounds / Decubitus ulcers
  • Scar Tissue Management
  • Lymphedema / edema control
  • Open Heart / post op wounds
  • Debridement / Pressure relief

Hey, this is not a Wound Care picture! But who wants to see wounds on our website? So here's thinking out of the box. This "Llama on I-4 picture" was taken by Dr. Bockelman, our past DPT student on 6-30-2011.

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