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Lecture topics

We provide lecture series, seminars for continuing education credit, and mentoring to health care and other professionals, as well as some fun topics for the community.

Doctor of OT Students are so smart and handsome! We wish you much success!

Call 813-631-9700 for information or Contact us

Continuing Education Seminars / Interdisciplinary Cooperation/ Lectures or Mentoring topics include:

  • Abdominal Pain, Digestive Issues, Voiding problems
  • Alzheimers and other Dementia Disorders
  • Assistive Technology Consultation- Discussions on technologies to enhance quality of life for the disability patients
  • Brain injury rehab
  • Breathing exercises
  • Caregivers Stress Relief
  • Chronic Diseases
  • COPD- Lungs and Difficulty Breathing issues- Treatment and Solutions
  • Driving Rehabilitation: Adaptive equipment for driving (Link to Grace site)
  • Employee Health and Wellness
  • Ergonomics and work place safety
  • Exercise training and Wellness for special populations- Differently Abled, Kids, Chronic Diseases, Seniors sports/ exercise
  • Fit Kids, SCI, TBI, Stroke, special needs population,
  • Fitness pregnancy and post partum
  • Foot Pain
  • Home, Vehicle, and Workplace Modifications
  • Headaches
  • Hand, Wrist, Arm, Shoulder pain
  • Incontinence of bowels and bladder
  • Injury prevention for repetitive injury in athletes and performing artists
  • Men's Health
  • Neck Pain
  • Pelvic Health, Pelvic Floor Rehab, Pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Private practice - How to start and grow
  • Wheelchair seating evaluation
  • Women's Health Preventive Care and Interventions
  • Yoga: Exercise and Stress Relief, Personal Skills and Life Improvement

3/21/2014 Interdisciplinary Women's Health Seminar with (from R to L) Dr. De La Cruz PhD, Dr. Daley PhD, Ginger Hoang Le, PT, and Ayla Olk-Szost USF DPT class 2014. (We didn't speak here, but we were so grateful that Dr. Cruz and Daley added Physical Therapy in the chain for Women's Health- Much appreciated!)

Sample special topics include:

Mother Ginger!© (women's pelvic pain, pregnancy, post-partum, post surgical)
"O" No! for Osteoporosis, "A" Yes! for Arthritis Relief!©
Mileage for Musicians© (performing artists' pain treatment and flexibility)
Brain Attack is No Snack!© (stroke / head injury rehab)
"Feng-Shui" Feet© (feet, leg, hip pain)
A Stretch a Day Keeps the Pain Away©
Create Yourself!
My Mindfulness Meditation

Mother Ginger©:

How to exercise while pregnant? Pregnancy Discomforts? Just delivered? Surgical Pain? some recommendations and treatment techniques; treatment during-pregnancy and after-delivery care:
Prenatal back pain, foot pain, etc.
Ligament laxity problems,
Swelling in hands and feet,
Maternal brace support recommendations
Post-partum pain
C-Section pain and referred pain, scar massage
Breast feeding strain
Baby care mechanics
Abdominal and pelvic floor retraining exercises
Fitness program
Treatments post-surgical procedures and for chronic or acute pain:
Bladder Tucks
Pelvic Pain

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"O" No! for Osteoporosis, "A" Yes! for Arthritis Relief©:

Osteoporosis and Arthritis are Not the same- but they can be helped!
Differentiate the two, and treat either accordingly.
Other similar and related conditions are addressed:
Chronic Myofascial Pain
Degenerative vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis
Weakness associated with muscle wasting, lack of movement, joint instability
Soft tissue pain
Treatment is comprehensive, including soft tissue work, stretching, and strengthening program
taking into consideration bone density and joint pain

"Ginger" Hoang Le, PT is an invited speaker for the Florida Arthritis Partnership Conference, sponsored by the Florida Arthritis Prevention and Education Program headed by the State of Florida Department of Health

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Mileage for Musicians©:

Performing artists, Conductors, and Instrumentalists:
We provide seminars, group clinic sessions, and individual treatment for artists
Treatment for repetitive pain, one-time injury, pain in multiple sites,
Asymmetry and postural alteration
We do on-site assessment of dynamic performance, fingering technique,
Instruct proper exercise and stretching techniques

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Brain Attack is No Snack!©:

Stroke and Brain Injuries are serious, and have lasting effects…
Stroke rehab
Brain injury rehab
Developmentally involved children and adults
Treatment approach include thorough Evaluation, taking into account:
Shoulder dislocation, shoulder impingement pain,
Foot pain
Back pain, Neck pain
Headache, Facial pain, Facial weakness
Normal and abnormal movement patterns
Muscular weakness
Muscle tension; Overcompensation from stronger areas
Hands fine motor skills
Oral motor weakness
Balance: sitting and standing
Proper walking pattern, not just to walk!

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"Feng-Shui" Feet©:

Treatment for foot pain, weakness, inflexibility, joint problems, balance, and dynamic feet motions such as walking, running, sports, dancing, etc.
Dynamic and static assessment
Soft tissue work
Therapeutic exercises
Postural and body alignment evaluation

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Create Yourself!:

Creative activities for self confidence and to improve physical and cognitive activity level:
Painting, arts, crafts
Writing, authorship
Cooking, meal preparation, baking
Cognitive skill development, oral motor, language and memory skills

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My Mindfulness Meditation:

Learn to focus: how to weed out the daily stresses in your life, focus on important goals, focus on a single task to do it well
Learn to focus on yourself: find how to use your own body resources to benefit your health and well being
Mental check on yourself to retrain bad body mechanics and posture
Calming effects to help diffuse stressful situations and to spread good will starting with yourself to all those around you

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"My Fair Lady", Monsieur Tranquile©:

Beauty and tranquility come in many forms. Facial expressions, head and neck tension generate adverse effects on the body and cause unnecessary pain.
Discuss therapeutic exercise, soft tissue, joint work for the neck, shoulder, and face
Decrease tension in jaw, temples, neck,
Tension headache,
Correct trunk, neck, and head posture
Correct TMJ (jaw) tension and pain
Strengthening and stretching of the chest, upper back, shoulders, neck

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Assess for proper equipment and home safety:

Customized wheelchair measurements
Splints and braces for fingers, wrist, hand, body and neck braces, foot braces
Assistive technology such as keyboard and computer adaptation devices
Communication devices

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