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Scoliosis / Posture

POSTURE - It's not too late to change your posture- Stand tall!

Kyphosis is another term for slouching- forward head, rounding shoulders and rounded back. This could be functional, such as a teenager slumping on a chair for being "inactive", or someone in their 30-40-50's hard at work, or an older person with osteoporosis with permanent deformity of the spine.

Depending on the mechanics of the problem, we can help reduce the curve, prevent it from getting worse, improve the alignment, reduce pain and tension in the trunk, head, shoulders, preventing jaw pain, arm pain, and headaches.

Lordosis is the reverse. Usually the low back is bent too far backward, such as someone with well endowed "gluts", or a gymnast or performer who overarches his/her back.

Lordosis comes with it's own baggage- usually there's instability of the spine, and problems with core muscle weakness, and pain going down the lower legs due to pressures on the nerve roots coming from the low back.

Scoliosis is the excessive curvature of the spine sideways, like an "S" shape. This usually starts in younger persons and is detected during school or physical exams by the pediatrician or nurse. Rib humps usually accompany scoliosis due to abnormal and asymmetric turning of the spine. Many times scoliosis is deemed permanent and one just waits until it worse and gets spinal surgery. It doesn't have to be that way…

Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis, ie, the spine both bends the wrong way in the forward/backward direction, while also turning sideways, with rib rotations too. This is more complicated. But the earlier the detection and physical therapy treatment, the better the outcome.

Leg length discrepancy, hip pain, pelvic pain, or abnormal muscle tone, can also lead to guarding on one side, causing asymmetry and eventual curvatures of the spine.

If your child walks "funny", turns toes in, or tip toes, or tends to trip and fall "clumpsy", don't just laugh or scold - Call to consult with us.

If you have been walking "weird" all your life, it's time to call and find out why!

Stand Straight with Physical Therapy

It's not too late to help with any postural problems. The earlier you find out, the earlier you can start therapy to help reduce excessive stress on the spine.

We have seen too many patients who had been diagnosed with spinal curvatures, especially scoliosis, many years before, only to come in now, when we can still help them, but their problems are much worse.

Don't wait for someone to tell you. Decide what's best for your child or for yourself. Take action!

Treatment for Posture and Spinal Curvatures include:
  • Stretching of specific muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, legs
  • Core strengthening
  • Correct breathing exercises
  • Reducing muscle tension, reducing hypertonicity
  • Traction if needed to help lengthen spine and reduce stress in certain areas
  • Appropriate wt training to improve muscle balance and symmetrical posture
  • Joint mobilization to improve alignment
  • Soft tissue work to relieve muscle spasms, guarding, pain
Exercise can help improve many faulty postures and prevent from getting worse:
  • Reduce muscle tension and guarding
  • Decrease straining of the back, shoulders, and neck
  • Improve muscle flexibility
  • Prevent onset of pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms
  • Improve alignment
  • Normalize breathing and allow for proper functioning of abdominal organs.
  • Improve balance
Don't wait, use common sense!
As soon as you discover a problem, or been diagnosed with one, start Physical Therapy immediately.
The longer you wait, the more complex the problems get.

Schedule an appointment with us today – or seek another qualified Physical Therapist if we are not near you. Good Luck!

Thank you for visiting Ginger, Have a Harmonious and Healthy Year!

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