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Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment

See video explanation of pain processes. Call our Doctor of Physical Therapy at 813-631-9700 to take care of you.

GingerHealth- Getting to the Root of the Problem:

  • Passion and Compassion- we are passionate about what we do and show compassion for the all patients we serve.
  • Comprehensive assessment- musculoskeletal system, biomechanics, gait, strength, flexibility, activity tolerance, patient education regarding therapy treatment and coping skills, mindfulness training for calming and self confidence.
  • Teamwork and coordinated care- Discussion regarding your treatment goals and expectations- you're the most valuable team member.
  • Therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, relaxation techniques from yoga to meditation. How about that for "outside the box" plan of care?
  • It's always all about you and how we can help you become healthier and happier.

New injuries and pain

Sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, mishaps, office work, labor strains, housework, homework, daily life activities all can cause pain. Pain sources include joint and ligamental sprains, muscle strain, fatigue, pressure, compressive forces on the body. Come in to see us for immediately treatment to calm the pain and for instruction on how to manage the pain for faster and safe recovery.

Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain. Painful areas that go untreated or with incomplete treatment become chronic and can spread into other parts of the body. Furthermore, many suffer from chronic systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic inflammatory diseases, digestive problems, musculoskeletal inflammation, cancer related side effects.

Pain can lead to negative consequences when not addressed timely. Reduced function results in reduced physical activity and disability, mental effects, lowered confidence and lost of life interests - allcan lead to lower quality of life for individuals.

Effects of Chronic Pain (Ashburn & Staats, 1999)

You can see a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help with your pain. We evaluate comprehensively the whole person and lifestyle changes. We assess limitations in mobility and treat painful areas. We use manual soft tissue mobilization, massage, heat or cold modalities, electrical stim, etc., to relieve pain without medications. We instruct a wide repertoire of exercises and movement patterns to help your body heal and recover in a dynamic way.

It may also be important to consult a medical physician to check for systematic diseases, blood works, etc. Pharmacological management of your pain may be prescribed by your physician and can be effective to immediately reduce pain. But long term medication usage carries the risk of side effects. For more than a decade, prescription drug overdose has been on the rise due to abuse and dependency problems (Physician Practice Perspectives, 2016).

Categories of Pain (Ashburn and Staats, 1999)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016) suggests that nonpharmacologic therapies are preferred to manage chronic pain and found high quality evidence in the effectiveness of exercise therapy in reducing a person's pain and improving his/her overall function. Physical therapy is recommended as an alternative solution to the pharmacological management of pain (Physician Practice Perspectives, 2016).

We are compassionate and effective in pain treatment.

Call 813-631-9700 to schedule an appointment.

See you soon!

  • Foot – Ankle – Knee – Hip
  • TMJ –Jaw
  • Hand – Wrist – Elbow – Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Back – Sacroiliac
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Pain
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